988738_10151998827584439_1565433847_n2016-06-05 12.01.42

(Uta stansburiana – left, Zootoca vivipara – right)

I am currently a fifth-year PhD student in Dr. Barry Sinervo’s Lab at UC Santa Cruz broadly studying adaptive potential in a changing world using both a desert lizard species nearby (Uta stansburiana) as well as a species in France (Zootoca vivipara). These two species have the common trait of being polymorphic, with each morph exhibiting behaviors unique to their morph. I have a variety of studies looking mainly at maternal effects ranging from yolk hormones/content to thermoregulatory behavior carried out by the females to ultimately investigate how climate change is affecting these species. I have side projects collaborating with a variety of researchers also looking at the effect of parasites.

I am also involved with WiSE at UCSC (Women in Science and Engineering) and am currently President. I help organize events at local elementary/middle and high schools to bring science activities into the classroom. For more information about this organization please visit: http://wiseucsc.wixsite.com/wise

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